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Cape Henry Associates is a significant provider of workload analysis, training analysis, and programmatic/logistics support products to our Navy and Coast Guard clients since its founding in 2004.  The Cape Henry Associates team knows Navy Manpower and Training and we do it better than anyone else.  Our seasoned staff includes a former Director, Navy Fleet and Ship Manpower Requirements, two Industrial Engineers, and three seasoned graduates of the Navy School of Work StudyLHA-5Cape Henry Associates keeps the Sailors in the Fleet and our Program Office’s best interest in mind while we work to establish accurate projections of Manpower, Personnel, and Training, (MPT) requirements that are required to achieve the clients overarching mission.  Cape Henry Associates has earned a reputation for cost effective on-time delivery of high-quality manpower, personnel, training, program support, and shipboard workload analysis products for our clients.

Cape Henry Associates Human System Integration (HSI) professionals provide our clients with the answers to HSI issues by developing and maintaining currency on a variety of complex technical products.  These products include Manpower Estimate Reports (MER), Front End Analysis (FEA), Job/Task Analysis (JTA), Training Needs Analysis (TNA), Manpower Impact Analysis Reports, Concepts of Operations (CONOPS), Required Operational Capabilities Projected Operational Environment (ROC POE), HSI Plans, Analysis of Alternatives (AoA), Preliminary Manpower Documents for Ship, Squadron, and Shore(PSMD, PSQMD, PFMD), Billet Training Profiles (BTP), ship and system Navy Training System Plans (NTSP), and other related products in support of Navy/Coast Guard acquisition and modernization programs.

LCS-1The Cape Henry Associates Team provides expert technical support on issues that influence program manpower and training requirements.  Our staff is comprised of experienced senior analysts who know what it takes to provide the full-range of support required to achieve program success. We are experienced in detailed analysis of all aspects of workload to billet requirements generation.  We have experience in the evaluation of or supporting the development of the desired or established mission of an organization, Equipment / System / Sub-system (ESS).  We analyze approved tasking documents and develop program concept and requirement documents such as HSI Plans, CONOPS, MERs, Preliminary Manpower Documents, and ROC POE documents.

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